A Magical Bonaventure Brewing Company Wedding

Tiffany & Edem

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Amidst the bustling streets of Downtown Los Angeles, a magical day unfolded for Tiffany and Edem as they prepared to embark on their new journey as husband and wife. While the city awoke to the familiar rhythm of urban life, the couple’s day was anything but ordinary.

Getting Ready for the Wedding at Westin Bonaventure

Getting ready at the Westin Bonaventure, Tiffany and her bridesmaids were pampered by Kelly Zhang and her team of professional beauticians, enjoying the spectacular LA skyline view from their hotel room. A few floors below, Edem and his groomsmen kicked off the festivities with shots of whiskey, anticipation building for the day ahead.

First Look Photography in Downtown Los Angeles

For their first look, we chose a unique approach, with Tiffany and Edem both facing away before turning around simultaneously to catch each other’s reactions. The moment was breathtaking, as the couple marveled at each other’s stunning attire. We then explored the nearby pedestrian overpasses, capturing romantic photos against the backdrop of Downtown Los Angeles’ iconic blue glass buildings. Friends looked on with joy as the couple embraced, their love radiating from every glance.

Bonaventure Brewing Company Wedding Ceremony

Before the ceremony, we took advantage of the beautiful reflected light from the surrounding buildings to create stunning bridal party portraits. As the ceremony commenced at the Bonaventure Brewing Company, Edem and his mother walked down the aisle arm in arm, grinning with excitement. Tiffany and Edem’s dog, adorned with a ‘Here Comes the Bride’ sign, adorably trotted down the aisle, followed by the daughters of the couple’s friends. Tiffany’s face lit up as she walked towards her soon-to-be husband, the love and excitement palpable.

Heartfelt Vows and Celebration

Throughout the ceremony, laughter, tears, and an abundance of love filled the air as Tiffany and Edem exchanged heartfelt, self-written vows. As they sealed their commitment with a kiss, guests cheered and tossed flower petals, celebrating the couple’s union. Another tender kiss marked the end of the aisle, surrounded by the love of family and friends.

Downtown Los Angeles Wedding Photography at Night

The remainder of the day included beautiful family photos under the ceremony arch and romantic shots of the couple bathed in the evening light of downtown Los Angeles. As night fell, guests enjoyed delicious food, dancing, toasting, and more laughter and tears. Although a sparkler send-off was dampened by strong winds, the celebration continued at one of Tiffany and Edem’s favorite city bars, where they shared drinks and cherished moments with close friends.

Conclusion: Downtown LA Wedding at Bonaventure Brewing Company

Tiffany and Edem’s Downtown LA wedding was a testament to the power of love, shining brilliantly against the backdrop of the city they call home. Downtown Los Angeles wedding photography not only captures the beauty of the location but also the essence of the couple’s love story. The Bonaventure Brewing Company provided the perfect setting for their unforgettable day.

Bonaventure Brewing Company Wedding

404 South Figueroa Street
Downtown Los Angeles, California

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