Spooky Engagement Photoshoot at Hollywood Forever Cemetary & Stow House

Kari & Sean

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When Sean and Kari approached me for their engagement session, they had a clear vision in mind: a spooky, fall-themed shoot that perfectly captured their unique style. Our first attempt was at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, but after a few shots, we were asked to leave. I quickly realized that such a high-profile a cemetery might not be the best location for a shoot. Fortunately we were still able to get some crazy-awesome shots. Despite this setback, we were determined to achieve their desired aesthetic.

Hollywood Forever Cemetary – Los Angeles, California

Stow House – Goleta, California

After some brainstorming, we decided to shoot at Stow House in Goleta, California, a location close to both Kari and my hometown. Stow House, with its Gothic Victorian architecture and haunted reputation, was the perfect backdrop for their spooky engagement session. This historic home has even been featured on an episode of Ghost Hunters, adding to its eerie charm.

Spooky & Romantic Engagement Photos

Kari and Sean went all out, loading their car with pumpkins, flowers, candles, and other fall decorations to enhance the spooky atmosphere. To make the setting even more dramatic, I brought along a fog machine and additional lighting equipment. As the sun set and the fog rolled in, the scene transformed into a beautifully eerie setting, perfect for capturing their love story.

The Engagement Session

Despite the initial hiccup at the cemetery, the session at Stow House was a huge success. Sean and Kari’s chemistry was undeniable, and their playful yet romantic interactions made for some stunning photos. The decorations they brought added a personal touch, and the Gothic backdrop of Stow House created a unique and unforgettable atmosphere.

The Results

The photos from Sean and Kari’s engagement session turned out beautifully, with a perfect blend of romance and spookiness. From the intricate details of Kari’s lace dress to the eerie glow of the candles, every element came together to create a set of photos that truly reflect their personalities and love for each other.

Tips for a Spooky Engagement Session

If you’re considering a spooky-themed engagement session, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Location is Key: Choose a location that naturally complements the theme, like a historic or Gothic site.
  • Props and Decorations: Bring props that enhance the theme, such as pumpkins, candles, and flowers.
  • Lighting: Use lighting to create mood and atmosphere. Fog machines can add an extra layer of spookiness.
  • Wardrobe: Choose outfits that match the theme and complement each other.

Sean and Kari’s engagement session at Stow House was a memorable experience, and the photos perfectly capture the spooky, fall-themed vision they had in mind. I would highly recommend considering unique locations like Stow House for your engagement shoot, especially if you’re looking for something a bit different and personal.

Photography Location

Stow House
Goleta, California

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